Chicago Search Engine Marketing

Chicago Search Engine Marketing provides information and resources on SEO (search engine optimization). Our website is full of SEM information to help you get your site to the top of search engines for the keywords of your choice. Promoting your site to the top of search engines doesn't have to be hard. There is a formula, that if followed correctly will position your site as a number 1 resouce for your keyword or keyphrase. While Google's algorithm is highly secret and ever changing there are a number of known techniques that have worked for years and are unluckly to be changed in years to come.

Chicago Search Engine Marketing

Located in Illinois, Chicago Search Enging Marketing has been providing businesses with SEO services for over 10 years. The best advice we can give someone when selecting a search engine promotion company is to not try to "trick" the search engine. There are a number of unethical techniques that may get you to #1 today, but they will get you banned tomorrow. More info on Search Engine Marketing. Another hot new area of SEO is SMM/SMO (Social Media Optimization), by now everyone has heard of these and if you don't have Facebook account yet you're one of a few.

Tips for getting your site #1 on the search engines:

  • Make sure every page has an H1 tags
  • Make sure you use ALT tags for images
  • Only choose keywords that match the content on your page for your title and meta tags, such as your Meta Description and Meta Keywords tags.

Other search engine marketing methods, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a MUST, at a minimum you should be on:

  • Facebook - No only should you have a Facebook page for your business, but you should have "Like" buttons on every page
  • Twitter - Twitter is great for posting coupon codes and promotions
  • LinkedIN - The professional social networking site is a great place to post your business, create a "group" for your business and network your employees.

Your traffic stats should be viewed daily, and the best free stats program we recommend is AWstats. If you have a hosting account, they probably provide this in your control panel. One thing you can view from here is when the Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp spiders visited your site last. Now just because they visited it, doesn't mean any changes you've made will appear on the search engine, it can take a week, sometimes two, for your changes to be indexed.

Another important item to consider is Google PageRank. PageRank is escentially the number of links to your site taking into account the quality of those links. For example 10 links from PageRank 3 sites, are better than 100 links from PageRank 1 sites. And it also takes into account if the sites are related to yours. For example if you sell t-shirts, getting 10 links from a site that sells cars is going to be worth less than 1 link from a site that sells clothes.

Be sure to check back soon for more SEO news, reviews, free tips, and other great information! Content on our site is constantly changing and we are always adding new pieces of knowledge that you can learn from. You may also contact us with any questions you have.